Forms and Reading for Download


Forms for your first appointment

Please print the appropriate forms for your appointment and bring to your first session so that we can use our time together most optimally.

Human Client

Size : 29.498 Kb
Type : pdf
Health History.pdf Health History.pdf
Size : 0.025 Kb
Type : pdf
Privacy Statement OR.pdf Privacy Statement OR.pdf
Size : 80.829 Kb
Type : pdf
Soma Questionnaire.pdf Soma Questionnaire.pdf
Size : 0.019 Kb
Type : pdf

Horse Client 

equine bodywork consent form.pdf equine bodywork consent form.pdf
Size : 84.777 Kb
Type : pdf
equine health history and intake.pdf equine health history and intake.pdf
Size : 71.606 Kb
Type : pdf

Yoga Client/Student 

Yoga Health History.pdf Yoga Health History.pdf
Size : 0.035 Kb
Type : pdf
Yoga Waiver.pdf Yoga Waiver.pdf
Size : 0.019 Kb
Type : pdf
Yoga Private Consult.pdf Yoga Private Consult.pdf
Size : 0.022 Kb
Type : pdf

Soma Support Material

Going through the 11 session series, it is nice to have support along the way.  One of the ways that we provide this is through a notebook with supportive readings, information and suggestions for optimizing your Soma experience.  Below are two options that you may choose from.  Journaling and awareness exercises will  enhance your Soma journey and help you make meaning of this special and unique experience.    

Journey Book : more about the artistic and spiritual components of the Soma Series.

Client Journeybook v1.pdf Client Journeybook v1.pdf
Size : 2.915 Kb
Type : pdf

Client Notebook: more in-depth information about the sessions, the underlying intentions and the bodily territory we will cover. 

Soma Client Notebook.pdf Soma Client Notebook.pdf
Size : 0.231 Kb
Type : pdf

Personal Log:  to fill out after each session 

Personal Log.pdf Personal Log.pdf
Size : 0.036 Kb
Type : pdf

Jennifer Lovejoy, Portland, OR,

Certified Soma Practitioner, Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT), Equine Massage Therapist (LAMP), KRI Certified Yoga Teacher, Centered Riding Instructor, Level 1

" Rest Here. Relax into who you really are. You are magnificence itself. Let go of resistance to everything and what remains is the perfect flow of effortless Life. What you are unwilling to feel remains as tension, becomes gnawing, grows into addiction.  Restore the capacity to feel fully,to allow the experience without flinching, and the addiction, the gnawing, the tension, Dissolve.  Rest here and things are simple."   Arjuna