Practices for an Open Heart 

a four week exploration into our most desired state of being

February 4, 2016 - February 25, 2016

“Being love, rather than giving or taking love, is the only thing that provides stability.” Ram Dass

Unconditional love... Love without conditions, not dependent on the circumstances of our lives.  Not dependent on how we are feeling.  Or what we are thinking. Or what other people are feeling or thinking.  Or the weather. Or whether we have had chocolate lately!  Unconditional love sinks through these layers to a deeper part of us, the deep lake that is not affected by the waves on the surface of the water.  This depth doesn’t try to stop the waves, it is the foundation that allows the waves to move with fluidity, exactly as the moment calls for…

For most of us, one of our deepest longings is to feel unconditionally loved.  It is our nature!  And yet we spend so little time tending to this in a direct way.   Unconditional love includes everything, our fears, our darkness, our resistances AND our joy, our brilliance and our light.  It leaves nothing out. 

Come join us at Gem Studio on Thursday mornings in February!  In this 2 hour weekly workshop will play with meditation, movement, group work, chanting, and other creative pursuits that our hearts are calling for!  There is spontaneity in an open heart, so the group will create the class together.

Thursday mornings 10am-12pm, Cost: $100,  

At Gem Studio 1110 NE Glisan Portland, OR 97232

To sign up please contact: Jennifer Lovejoy