Join us for a 1 day Retreat in NW Portland.

Coming Home:

A Day of Mindfulness and Reconnection

July 23, 2016  

10am - 2pm

NW Portland

Day to day life can be overwhelming.  Work, family, traffic, the endless to-do list.  How often do you stop during your day and just notice the sunlight streaming through the windows?  The joy of your child’s laughter?  The sensations in your extraordinary body?  Even a few minutes of mindfulness in a very busy day can refresh you enough to keep going, to have more joy in the moments of your life, to feel more grounded and connected.

Sometimes we just need a break.  A time to focus fully on ourselves, our internal world, our bodies and on quieting the racing mind.  We need to find time for reconnecting with our ease, our quiet centers, our preciousness as human beings.  It’s hard for others to notice and appreciate our contributions when we are not acknowledging ourselves.  Its hard to feel our joy when we are sprinting from one place to the next.  It’s hard to remember our purpose when all we can think of is the next load of laundry, work meeting or soccer practice.  

This day is about you remembering You.  It’s about your connection to joy, to nature, to your body.  It’s about bringing more of yourself to the moment so you can feel more, experience more and share more.  Spending time caring for yourself makes you more available and loving for those around you.  It makes each day more meaningful and alive.  And you will learn tools to bring all of this into the moments of your daily life.  

Give a gift to yourself (and your family!) and join us for this day that is all about you, inside and out.

Curriculum for the day:

Conscious Yoga in the Park: We will begin our day with a gentle practice to wake us up to feeling easy and well in our bodies.  Yoga with be offered outside at Wallace Park.

Conscious Walking:  A practice of noticing our bodies in the context of the natural surroundings.  Connecting to nature and self in order to ground and center your mind and open your heart. (Location: Wallace and Washington Parks)

Conscious Eating: A practice of slowing down and really absorbing our food.  Tasting and experiencing the variety and excitement of flavors so that we feel truly nourished.  (This practice can be very helpful with over-eating and weight loss). 

Conscious Listening and Speaking: We use a lot of energy when we speak.  Most of our day will be in silence.  So when we exchange words during activities, they will be thoughtful and carefully selected. 

Cost: $135*

* If you would like lunch from the Clearing Cafe, we will order it for you and have it delivered to our lunch gathering spot!  Additional cost for lunch is $15. 

Please contact Jennifer for details or to register for the course.