“I would just like to express my gratitude for Jennifer's work on my body/being. Her Soma work truly did make a big difference in my body (suppleness and range of motion, etc.). My body seems to  now have the ability to recover and re-balance itself , where as before I needed chiropractic alignment to get back to becoming pain free and strong again. Thank you Jen, for your knowledge and gift of healing.”  T. H. Spanaway, WA

"I generally take it with a large grain of salt when I'm told that something will 'change my life', so it was with some skepticism and a feeling of - it can't hurt - that I began the Soma sessions. The physical changes that were wrought are fairly easy to see. The other effects are deeper and more profound. I suspect that they are unique to each person, but I can say uniquivocally that it was amazing. I recommend the work to anyone who asks me about it, and yes, I tell them it will change their life."  M.R.  Buckley, WA

"I went to Jen for shoulder and neck pain that had become nearly debilitating.  Jen’s approach to my problem was fantastic!  She located the underlying problem and relieved most of the pain during the first session.  But more than that, I really appreciated her sensible, grounded approach and sensitivity to my needs.  She showed me how every part of my body was reacting to the shoulder injury and helped me to see that the tension held in my upper body was affecting everything—from my breathing to my posture.  She changed my perception of my own body and helped me to understand how fundamental structural balance is to my health. She is my massage therapist for life!"  K.R. Yelm, WA



“Jennifer is just an amazing person. Her ability to help horses is insightful, truthful, and always beneficial. Jennifer has a true gift with 'animal communication' and intuition, as well as a thorough understanding of the techniques that help the horse the most with performance and long-term health.” C.D. Portland, OR

"I have an older Arabian mare named April who has been through some serious physical challenges. She spent many years being extensively shown by several young riders and having strong demands placed on her body, and then had to go through colic surgery about eight years ago. She is an extremely sensitive mare who does not quickly warm up to people and who historically did not like being massaged or having body work of any kind. I was amazed by how quickly she fell in love with Jennifer, and watched her practically melt in to Jennifer's hands after just a few minutes of work. After a session with Jennifer, my girl moves much more easily and freely and is just happier in general; much fewer incidences of grouchy ears and swishy tail. When Jennifer is anywhere on the property, April can be found with her head over the fence staring in the direction of her voice; it is really an incredible thing to witness.
In addition to April, I have had Jennifer work on one of my endurance horses, with excellent results, as well as many of our therapy horses; every single one of them responds to her in the way that April does. Jennifer is an incredible equine body worker and any horse who is lucky enough to find her hands placed on them, will no doubt reap some incredible benefits."
H.D., Olympia, WA


"My name is Hari Nam Singh Khalsa. I have taught Kundalini Yoga for over 30 years, am a professional level teacher trainer and have devoted a good deal of my life sharing these sacred teachings both in the United States and around the world. Over the years I have had the privilege of teaching 1000s of students, none with more pleasure and honor than Charanpreet Kaur (Jennifer Lovejoy). Her delivery of the teachings is consistently accurate and reverential. In my opinion, she "walks the talk", which is the highest compliment I could pay a teacher in this lineage. Truly, she is the epitome of "grace". Anyone taking Kundalini Yoga classes from Charanpreet Kaur should thank their lucky stars."
-Hari Nam Singh Khalsa, NWKYTT Trainer

“I am honored to write in recommendation of Charnpreet Kaur (Jennifer Lovejoy) as a yoga teacher. Charnpreet is capable, compassionate and has deep intuition in her work.  It has been a fulfillment to work with her.”
-Viriam Singh Khalsa MS, Lead trainer and teacher, Kundalini Yoga, University of Oregon 

Jennifer Lovejoy, Portland, OR, jennifer@greenhorsebodyworks.com

Certified Soma Practitioner, Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT), Equine Massage Therapist (LAMP), KRI Certified Yoga Teacher, Centered Riding Instructor, Level 1

" And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom."
Anais Nin