Did you ever notice that you can instantly identify someone that you know well through a crowd of people.  What is it that we see that crystallizes that person for us, across the street or in a crowded room?  

You look at the crowd waiting for the light to change across the street and you notice a familiar movement.  It's your friend, Sam.  You knew it right away by the way he was shaking his keys while he waited.  You watch another minute and you can see the familiar bounce in Sam's walk, the way he always moves his hands in rhythm, the way his head sways a little like he's listening to music.  Sam puts together this unique combination of movements and micro-movements in every moment, in a way that only Sam can. He is totally unique, instantly recognizable.... just like everyone else!

How we move as individuals defines us and makes us unique.  How often do you bring your attention deep inside your body and explore where this movement originates?  Do you ever stop to feel the oxygen moving through your body as breath?  Have you ever notice how intricate your hands are, how precise they can be, how much they can accomplish?  How does it feel to place your feet on the ground underneath you? Do you feel supported, enlivened?

When we are awake to the experience of the body, every moment can be meditative.  The body is always our home base in THIS moment.  The body can only be in the present moment.  If you relegate the body as a container to carry around the brain, you may never truly experience all that is available to you in the moment, only what is available to you within the confines of your own mind.  But if you can tune in to the experience, the ever changing movement rippling through the body, life can be experienced as a richly woven tapestry of sounds, smells, texture and electricity.  Every movement of the body can remind you of the excitement of being alive today.

Find a way to bring awareness to your movement today.  How does your body move?  Is it fluid and effortless? Stiff? Choppy? Flowing?  Slow?  Quick?   Don't make a judgment.  Just notice the quality. And ask yourself... How does this way of moving effect my thinking, my emotional state, and my way of seeing myself?