Our core body... the center of our physical being.  This area has been defined for millennia as a place of power, of fire, of spiritual awakening.  It supports us in our upright posture and  houses all of the body’s precious viscera.  It is the place where physical life begins and grows.  Movement and laughter are initiated at this central point.  Our intuition and “gut feelings” which inform all our behaviors begin here. 

Described as the shining sun in the belly, the solar plexus, the center of our physical being has been enormously celebrated and studied by ancient and modern culture.  It has been touted as the storehouse within the body of  the great source of chi, prana or life force.  There are some who believe it completely responsible for our physical health, our ability to open to consciousness and mindful living and as the gateway to a higher spiritual self.  It has also been considered  to be the place where body and soul connect and become one entity.  This is the place where yogis search for the deepest truths and wisdom of the universe and for absolute stillness of all realms of existence.  It is the creative storehouse in the body.

But more and more we have begun to ignore this center of vitality and lively-hood.  We, as a culture, have lost touch with our center.  In a ferocious segregation, we have moved out of the core of the body in order to inhabit the ego and the mind with out looking back.  We are obsessed with information and as a society have proclaimed intellect and reason as TRUTH.  We have unraveled the relationship between the physical and intellectual bodies and burned the connection  that was once our natural inclination.  We have become  slaves to the world of reason, of mind and of ego.  As we disengage this natural connection between body and mind, we have found ourselves deteriorating.  We have  bowel disorders, psychosis, migraine headaches, obesity and cancer.  We have an entire population spending lifetimes in self (culture) inflicted adrenal response.  We have forgotten how to listen to our bodies... we just get mad at them for being imperfect and wrong.  We can hardly recognize the intuitive voice, buried beneath the fat and struggling with the severed and disengaged body.

How can we re-engage our relationship with the core of our being?